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Romanian Property investment, sales and consultancy, fully managed

IC Romania provides clients with professional advice working directly with Developers and Owners to offer sound investment options and a secure buying process.

We provide comprehensive and up to date property details to you, the buyer, so that you can make an informed decision about your investment.  We can arrange for you to view property should you choose to visit Romania.

Investment fund managers can enjoy access to detailed project plans which we prepare, working directly with developers and Chartered Surveyors to deal with all due diligence issues.

However, if you want to avoid learning about buying property in Romania, we can completely manage your acquisition saving you time and the possible risk of overlooking details of which you were not aware.
The process

  • We identify properties meeting your criteria and budget.
  • You confirm which property or properties you want to purchase.
  • We engage lawyers in Bucharest to deal with the purchase.
  • We negotiate with the Romanian developer, owner or agent on your behalf, as required.
  • One of our team will be in Romania to oversee the handover of the property.


  • Our knowledge of property in Romania means that we can normally identify a bad property and advise you accordingly.  We have good relationships with our developers and agents and it is in their interest to look after our clients.
  • Your money is held in escrow either here or in Romania and only released for completion with your agreement.
  • Our lawyers in Bucharest have a track record which includes acting for major companies in respect of land or property purchases and working in conjunction with a major UK firm of lawyers.
  • Your costs are quantified at the outset.  Between 5% and 8% of the property price normally covers all legal fees, agent’s commission if applicable, our own fees and usual disbursements.
  • We can arrange insurance for your property.
  • Our web site is designed to ensure that only available properties are shown.  If a property is sold or is no longer available, it is removed from our site.  This is monitored on a monthly basis.

Our advice and service

  • We can move quickly on your behalf to ensure you do not miss a good opportunity.  As in the UK, good properties sell fast.
  • Our contacts enable us to negotiate the very best exchange rates and can often save over £500 on a typical property acquisition.
  • We can arrange letting of your property often with the Management Company owned by the Developer and through our agents to provide you with an income from your investment as well as the anticipated capital growth.
  • You can go to Romania to view property and we will arrange for one of our staff to meet you and show you properties.  
  • We can advise you on the tax implications of owning property in Romania and receiving rents.
  • You may need to form a company if your preferred property involves the acquisition of land.  We can handle all of this for you without you even having to visit Romania.  Depending on your circumstances in the UK, there may be tax implications which we can discuss with you.

Developing a property portfolio

With the highest property growth rates in Europe being predicted for Romania, building a property portfolio may prove a viable and high return investment.

We can assist you and advise on areas and types of property to help establish a balanced portfolio.  This service can include management of the properties concerned through our Property Developers and selected property agents.  The property investment opportunities include:

  • Residential, such as apartments or villas, for letting and particularly new build
  • Office space
  • Business centre style office space
  • Warehouse and factory buildings
  • Retail shops
  • Land for development of commercial or residential property
  • Agricultural land

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