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Romania has a President and a Prime Minister with a democratic parliament the home of which is the Peoples House or Peoples Palace, as well as many other buildings in Bucharest.

Romania was previously under a communist regime led by Nicolae Ceausecu who was born in 1918.  He held a variety of posts within the Communist party and government ranks after the Communist takeover in 1948.  In1967 he assumed the office of president of the state council, or head of state. As supreme leader, he continued his mentor's policy of nationalism and independence from the USSR within the context of Marxism-Leninism. In December 1989, a popular uprising, joined by the army, led to the arrest and brutal execution of him and his wife, Elena. 

Romania was left at the end of 1989 facing a new free market economy and the introduction of democracy.  Widespread poverty is at last giving way to renewed development and Romania ijoined the European Union in January 2007, which is a positive indication of increasing political stability.  The economic development of Romania is moving rapidly with growth in industry, a trained workforce with a positive attitude to work and a general desire to succeed.

A recent report suggests that Romania will enjoy high rates of growth in property values over the next ten years but this will not happen in isolation.  We believe this will be a reflection of strong industrial growth and economic and political development.

Political and organisational structures are moving in line with other EU countries and Romania is becoming a desirable place in which to carry on business.

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