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Business relocation management

Invest in a low cost, high growth, EU economy

We have helped a number of businesses locate production or similar facilities in Romania.  Whilst countries such as China and Bangladesh are popular at the moment due to very low costs, there are other considerations such as control over long distances and in some cases the need to enter joint venture arrangements. 

Romania has the advantage of a capable workforce and in some areas of Romania it is only two days by truck back to the UK.  Huge numbers of ships pass through the Danube Delta in Eastern Romania. The River Danube is one of the busiest transport routes in eastern Europe and Constanta in Romania is the biggest port on the Black Sea, connecting through to the Mediterranean and cities in western Europe.

There are now four direct flights per day between London and Bucharest and since joning the EU, legal requirements are falling in line with International Standards making an operation in Romania easier to structure.  Many UK high street name companies are sourcing products from Romania, either directly or through suppliers working with some of the largest banks in Europe.

We can design and manage the entire project or you can select from the project plan those areas where you seek our assistance and work with us.

A brief example of the areas we cover…

  • Feasibility and costing
  • Business planning
  • Organising and managing all legal aspects
  • Logistics and monitoring
  • Sourcing premises
  • Sourcing a workforce
  • Overseas company formation
  • Raising finance and leasing overseas
  • Reviewing and obtaining overseas grants where possible
  • Establishment of the overseas facility
  • Designing and implementing systems
  • Arranging liability and all other insurances with well known insurers
  • Tax planning
  • We deal with everything if that is what you want – we would need to agree a detailed project plan with you and can then deliver an operational production facility within a few months, taking little of your time.


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