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Development projects in Romania

Commercial and Residential Investment in Romania

Investment in Romania to develop property has escalated this year following accession to the EU, with strong growth in industrial and commercial sectors and therefore also in residential property.   We work directly with developers to ensure production of project plans suitable for due diligence work and delivery of the project. 

If you are a personal investor, we can arrange legal representation to ensure that subcontract arrangements with building companies is similar to such contracts in the UK construction industry and legally enforceable.

There is also the issue of Romanian company formation which we undertake as required.  This can be carried out by us without you having to visit Romania.  A Romanian company would be the vehicle for carrying on property development in Romania and we are prepared to accept appointment as Administrator, and therefore be responsible for the day to day running of your Romanian company.

For smaller investors who do not wish to get immersed in the business of developing property in Romania, we regularly have investment opportunities in Romania with established developers who are seeking investment funding to expedite new developments.  Investments which we deal with tend to range from €1m to €50m and there is scope for collaboration between a number of investors to finance a larger project with security safeguards built in to the project.

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