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It is still not possible for foreign nationals to obtain mortgages for the acquisition of property in Romania but we have a source of funding which is offshore and relies mainly upon affordabiity and creditworthiness in addition to a charge on Romanian property. 

A Romanian company may obtain loan funding for commercial property so the formation of your own Romanian company can open the door to loan funding if you wish to invest in commercial property or carry on property development.  The “loan to value” ratios are now similar to the UK and offer plenty of scope for obtaining additional funding towards a development, for example.  We have an established relationship with the property development funding, specialist departments, of two major European banks in Romania.

Depending upon the covenant you can offer from your home country, it may be possible to buy a substantial commercial property, with the kind of lease purchase arrangement usually found with car purchases in the UK.  This is not to say that the amounts are relatively small and we have organised such funding up to €5m.  We have many contacts in the banking sector, with whom we have worked before and can arrange finance to suit the needs of your project, within the bounds of banking parameters.

We can arrange the keenest rates of exchange when transferring funds to Romania enabling you to make substantial savings at the outset.

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